A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Lonely spaceman Ernie yearns for someone to talk to but when he gets his wish it's not quite what he had in mind.

Torus Trap is an adventure game where you play as a lonely spaceman looking for someone to connect to. Keep it together as you go about your daily routine with the help of the ship's AI, Anteros. 

Note: this game is unfinished


Torus Trap v1.02 (Windows) 54 MB
Torus Trap v1.02 (OSX) 63 MB


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We had a lot of fun exploring Torus Trap's environment on stream, thank you for it! 🥰 I wrote short descriptions of all the submissions for our blog, let me just add this here:

Torus Trap is certainly an ambitious project! The game follows lonely spaceman Ernie, whose only source of interaction is the ship’s unbearably serious AI Anteros, during his daily routine. While we could already explore the whole ship and its humorous locations (be it the messy Mess Hall or the Life Support filled with motivating messages), there was not much to do – yet! The basis is great and we’re really hoping that Ernieboros will continue to finish the game!